Growing up you believe the world is meant to be the way it is. The older I get the more I realise that this is not the case. The world is full of injustices and atrocities that governments and the voice of faith expect us to accept, though with each passing year they grow fewer and fewer, at least one would hope. I have created this blog as a space for me to rant about all things science, politics, philosophy and religion, before it’s too late and the vessel of new atheism propelled by a growing surge in secularism solves all of the world’s problems for good.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Imaginary Friends Show official podcast for Think Inc.

So I got some really good news today about the podcast I appear on each week, The Imaginary Friends Show hosted and created by the splendiferous Jake Farr-Wharton. My segment is called "The Miracles of Modern Day Science" where we chat about anything scientific and interestingly awesome! The past few weeks have covered topics ranging from botox and botulism, cannabis and kronic, poisonous birds, splitting the atom in your kitchen and achieving supercentenarianism (living to 110+ years old).

Anyway, the good news was regarding the Think Inc. conference coming up in Melbourne on the 18th of September, where The Imaginary Friends Show will be hooking up with Think Inc. to do some amazing things, which shall be announced in the coming weeks! Speakers at the event include Christopher Hitchens, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tim Flannery and many more. It should be a brilliant event so definitely look into it!

We're going to hold preview sort of event prior to Think Inc. where we record a podcast live, and it would be great if any of you guys who live in Melbourne can make it. The venue's yet to be worked out, but I will keep you all posted.

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