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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who should lead the Liberal Party in Aus?

The age currently has a poll up on its page, here, with the simple question of 'Who is your preferred opposition leader?'. Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull or other? Hands down Malcolm Turnbull for me and apparently 79% of the other 9000ish voters in the poll agree.

Makes you wonder how long it will be until Abbott gets the flick and the Liberal Party really start posing a threat to Labor's Government. While Tony Abbott's at the head of the Liberal Party, Labor could probably double the price on carbon,

So if you are one of those LP for life fuddy duddies who absolutely hates the Labor Party, thinks Gillard's a liar and that the price on carbon is about to bring Australia into a new dark age, maybe you should be more angry at the Liberals who have given you an even worse option thus allowing Labor to remain in power. I'd be more annoyed at the fact that the LP has allowed an ignorant moron to be their leader. The Labor Party have to barely do anything but let Tony Abbott open his mouth these days to attain the favour of any educated Liberal voters. It could be time to reshuffle the deck over there and give the Labor Party something to really worry about...

Malcolm Turnbull
Current Liberal leader Tony Abbott
I just noticed the look on the faces in the photos above, they seem appropriate given the topic of this post Haha.

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