Growing up you believe the world is meant to be the way it is. The older I get the more I realise that this is not the case. The world is full of injustices and atrocities that governments and the voice of faith expect us to accept, though with each passing year they grow fewer and fewer, at least one would hope. I have created this blog as a space for me to rant about all things science, politics, philosophy and religion, before it’s too late and the vessel of new atheism propelled by a growing surge in secularism solves all of the world’s problems for good.

Monday, 11 July 2011

PM Julia Gillard on Q&A tonight... Smashed it!

PM Julia Gillard absolutely slaughtered the questions thrown at her tonight regarding the carbon pricing and future ETS on Q&A! I was thoroughly impressed, and definitely have to say she has gained a great deal more respect from me and evidently a great percentage of Australians.

For those interested in viewing the program it's here online.

One thing I learned was just how selfish and uneducated many Australians still are on the matter. Considering the fact that no person today lacks sufficient access to Google I am at a loss as to why people who constantly critique this issue haven't looked it up to truly understand the details. Watching Channel 9 News is NOT research enough I'm sorry.

Also, what astounds me is how often people complain that the rest of the world aren't doing anything, when that's complete crap. China, Europe, NZ and 10 states in the USA all have an ETS, and soon we will be able to add ourselves proudly to the list! On top of that, numerous people keep complaining that other countries are emitting a great deal more than us so why should we have to do anything? That's a stupid argument for two reasons. Firstly, even if no one else was acting at all, their lack of action isn't reason enough for us to stand idly by and do nothing... Secondly, Australia's on the top of the world's list of biggest polluters per capita and that's why we have to make a change NOW, not wait until tomorrow, and do what's right for the future. 

Even if we had no compensation this would be the right thing to do, let alone inevitable. So suck it up you selfish Australians, we've all been riding the pollution bus for free since way back when, now it comes time to cough up a few coin for the fare!

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