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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Finally, we move towards a better future as carbon price scheme is unveiled!

PM Julia Gillard has revealed all of the details surrounding the carbon price scheme this morning. Carbon emissions will be priced at $23 per tonne as of July 1st next year for the top 500 polluters in Australia. I'm no economist or politician but it seems to be a thoroughly planned out scheme and that they have been careful to cover all bases. 

The main features of the scheme:
  • Initial carbon price of $23 per tonne of carbon pollution to be paid by the 500 heaviest emitters and increasing by 2.5 per cent in real terms.
  • A transition to a market-based emissions trading scheme in 2015.
  • $9.2 billion from the revenue stream to help businesses and workers impacted by the plan.
  • Tax cuts and pension increases to protect people from higher prices.
  • A $1.2 billion Clean Technology Program to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing and to support research and development.
  • Australia's most polluting electricty generators will be closed and replaced with gas-fired units by 2020.
  • A $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund new clean energy technology.
  • An Australian Renewable Energy Agency to manage a $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund new clean energy technology.
  • An Australian Renewable Energy Agency to manage a $3.2 billion clean energy budget.
  • A target of 20 per cent renewable energy by 2020.
  • Agriculture excluded from paying the carbon price.

I don't really see an open door for people to be complaining about this issue anymore... It's been slammed shut by the Labor Party as one of the first decent things they've done while in power. There's no more room for the Liberals and nutjob Tony Abbott to continue scare mongering about how bad Labor's carbon pricing scheme will be, how we will all be unable to pay for electricity or food and become homeless. Though I'm sure they'll find and focus on any miniscule negative in this truly epic positive.

The Liberal's would have you believe we don't need a price on carbon or ETS at the moment, but there's no time for addressing current and future issues than the present. And overall, I'm sure it will be a great deal less painful if we do what needs to be done from hereon-in than wait until the last moment. 

Nice job Julia, it's a good package. 

Click the above picture to examine Australia's greenhouse gas emissions and how they compare to other countries. Note our emissions per capita compared to other big polluting countries, one big reason we need to act.

Click the above picture to have a look at how the carbon pricing system will work and effect you and future emissions/global warming.

For more info see this article.

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