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Monday, 25 July 2011

Catholic church says sorry again, again, again...

It seems like we're getting apologies from the Catholic church on a monthly basis these days, almost as often as John Farnham announces his final tour again, again...!

Sorry for the past sins of Catholics,
Sorry for the church's involvement in the african slave trade,
Sorry for inactivity during the holocaust,
Sorry for what happened to Galileo and the inquisition,
Sorry for not accepting evolution sooner,
Sorry for injustices against women,
Sorry for the conquest of Mesoamerica by the Spanish in the name of the church,
Sorry for the execution of Jan Hus in 1415,
Sorry...  Sorry... Sorry...

All of the aforementioned apologies are only from a single pope too, Pope John Paul II.

In the latest news here in Australia the Catholic Church has issued a national apology via Catholic Health Australia after ABC decided to investigate into claims and abuse in Newcastle. It's been estimated that 150 000 women had their babies stolen from them by some Catholic churches in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. They were then subsequently given to families deemed better able to take care of the children.

From what I saw on ABC news tonight it seems like most of the women were young and a large portion were probably wanting an abortion. Clearly the church would never have let that happen, instead forcing them to have the children and then taking them without the parents' consent. I've heard too about the disgusting treatment of women patients wanting abortions while in Catholic hospitals and being flat out denied, sometimes not even being informed about the option (I'll attach a speech on the issue at the bottom from Leslie Cannold).
Psychiatrist Geoff Rickarby has treated scores of affected women, and says it is a stain on Australia’s history. “It sounds like some totalitarian country somewhere hundreds of years ago, but in fact it’s Australia only 35, 40 years ago,” Dr Rickarby said. 
Martin Laverty, chief executive of Catholic Health Australia, says he's sorry for what happened, though he didn't even know about the wrongs committed by the Catholic Church until after the practices were brought to light by ABC's investigations.

Surely someone knew about all of this the entire time. The fact that it was so wide spread around Australia, not just in Newcastle, for decades means that someone high up the chain must have been giving the order, or at the very least turning a blind eye to the goings-on in numerous churches. How many more skeletons will we have to discover in the future? How many more apologies are we going to receive? The word is really starting to lose meaning guys, and saying sorry only when you're caught on something is incredibly transparent to say the least. I really wonder why congregations are starting to dwindle. Hopefully the trend continues!

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