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Friday, 22 July 2011

Bomb attack in Oslo, Norway

Within the last hour a large explosion was set off within a Government building in Oslo, Norway. Here's another article that's just been published on the incident.

It must undoubtedly be related to the al-Qaeda bomb plot thought to have been foiled last year. There're already stories of injured people in the street, but let's hope that no one has died in this awful event.

One of the articles reads:
A powerful explosion, believed to be caused by a bomb, rocked central Oslo on Friday afternoon, causing extensive damage to government offices and injuring numerous people. Large clouds of smoke rose from the area after the blast, which shook downtown buildings, and caused widespread panic in the streets. The offices of VG, Norway’s largest newspaper, also appeared to be severely hit. 
Shortly after 4 PM, more smoke could be seen and a cloud smelling of explosive gas was hanging over the city. Curtains could be seen flying from broken windows in the main government highrise. Police was busy cordoning off a large part of downtown, while buses were taking injured people out of the area. 
According to the Norwegian news agency NTB, prime minister Jens Stoltenberg was in a safe location.
We’ll be following the story.


At least one person's now confirmed dead... It's expected to most likely be a Kurdish Islamist group after Norway charged the founder with terrorist charges and the minister was then threatened (apparently this happened Tuesday).

Two more bombs have been found, people are being evacuated.


  1. By the sounds of it now it is more likely to be a result of a Norwegian man or group.