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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kevin Rudd's sister crusades against gay-marriage

Kevin Rudd's sister, Loree Rudd, also part of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has gone off on an anti-gay-marriage crusade. She's threatened to leave the ALP if the party decide to back gay-marriage at the next national ALP conference this December (more here).

Wow... What a witch! She's attempting to gather support by writing to every MP in parliament, newspapers and other ALP members in Queensland. All without her brother's knowledge or support, though he too as an avid Christian doesn't support gay-marriage.

She's been quoted as saying:
"I will quit the party and I think there are many other people in Labor who feel the same way."
"I have been delighted with Kevin and then with Julia in her support of the traditional view of marriage." (Who would've guessed...?)
Hopefully she the ALP do the right thing by our citizens and support gay-marriage, and ignore this fanatical woman. If she leaves, HIP HIP HORAY! Goodbye to bad intolerant rubbish, and thank you for opening up some more room in the ALP for someone with a little more humanity in them.

She also believes that everyone's being "fed propaganda" from the worldwide gay movement that's lobbying for changes. 
"I call them the global gay Gestapo: it is the lobbying movement that is brainwashing people, particularly the young in the community that this (homosexuality) is an optional extra in life."
Gestapo? Brainwashing? Optional extra in life? Where's Rove when you need a decent "WHAT THE...?!" Comparing the global gay movement to the Nazi secret police is fairly offensive, even to non-gays, to say the least.

Yeah that's definitely it. It's all propaganda and the youth of the world being brainwashed en masse into wanting equality for all, regardless of sexual preference. What an abhorrent thought! How dare we!

Well Ms Rudd, clearly marriage didn't work for you, considering you're divorced. Even though you were trained as a nun, and according to your religion and holy book divorce is one of the ultimate sins. If marriage didn't work for you, who it was apparently divinely bestowed upon, perhaps it's time to move the fuck over and let decent, loving, same sex people give it a spin. While they're there, maybe they'll adopt a few children abandoned by average-Jane Christian teenage girl.

(Apparently one of Rudd's nieces is openly gay too, irony anyone?)

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