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Friday, 22 July 2011

'2011 Norway attacks' already has a wiki page

I can't believe the speed at which this wiki page on the 2011 Norway attacks has been put together. There's a huge amount of info on there already and it's just over half a day since the attacks themselves occurred!?

Social media has also come an incredibly long way with regards to spreading news on incidents around the world. I heard about these attacks probably within 30 minutes of them having occurred late last night (Aus time) from my girlfriend who was in France and told me over the phone. I googled the issue and there were absolutely no news stories on the issue anywhere. All I could find were forum posts from Norwegians who had uploaded photos of the buildings and told of their subjective experience.

I jumped on AFA forum, Rationalia and Rational Skepticism and the information about what had happened had hit them at the same time if not earlier than the first news stories uploaded onto the internet. Speaking with friends and other atheists from around the world on Facebook, including Norwegians, a great deal more information was spread around very quickly.

So again, I'm absolutely amazed at the speed at which news travels around the world these days. It really seems like the news of any big event can reach all corners of the globe within 1 hour of happening today. In contrast with 100 or more years ago when the same news may have taken days or weeks.

It's great to see the amount of solidarity in the global community too in such tragic times. Our thoughts are with you Norway.

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