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Monday, 20 June 2011

Plebiscite put forward by Liberal pleb...

According to a 'pleb' is "one who's inferior intelligence results in them making a complete titface out of themselves in public", which I would say describes leader of the Australian Liberal Party, Tony Abbott rather well after his most recent attention seeking idiocy. 

He's latest anti-carbon tax efforts have been towards introducing a plebiscite (or referendum), whereby the public vote to accept or reject a specific proposal, in this case the introduction of the ETS (emissions trading scheme) currently proposed by the Labor party. If implemented it would cost tax payers $70-80 million dollars to go ahead with the plebiscite. Perhaps worth the cost if the result were to be honoured by the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott himself. However, during a radio interview Mr Abbott reinforced everyone's suspicions that this was just another one of his stunts when he admitted that even if the proposed plebiscite endorsed the carbon tax, he'd still go to an election pledging to repeal it

What an idiot... So he'd spend millions of tax payer dollars in order to prove his point, that the ETS isn't what the public want (assuming they rejected it). However, if the public accepted the proposal he would still fight to repeal it at the next election? Who are you representing as the leader of a political party Mr Abbott, the people and what they want or just your own self interests? Isn't this a democracy, yet you won't honour the choice of the majority if it's against what you want? 

And on a side note, considering the amount of whining Mr Abbott and fellow Liberal Party members express on the Labor Party's excessive spending and wasting of tax payers money it seems stupendously ironic that Mr Abbott proposes to spending many millions of tax payers dollars on a plebiscite he's admitted he won't even honour should it prove in opposition to his preference.

It all seems pretty bewildering in light of this interview by Sky News with Mr Abbott only two years ago...

The Liberal Party would almost certainly gain my vote, and undoubtedly many others', over the Labor Party (in light of their current efforts and duplicitous actions, within their party and to the public), if they dropped this moron who has no integrity or honour, and is fighting for his own anti-Labour agenda and not that of the people. Oh, and maybe if the LP dropped their deeply entrenched Christian views too, but that's another rant for another day.

Thankfully, it appears this political stunt has been quashed by senator Steve Fielding surprisingly enough. He's even more a nuttjob Christian politician than Mr. Abbott, but at least someone in the Liberal Party gave their leader a wake up call.
Calling the plebiscite a "glorified opinion poll", Senator Fielding said: "What we've got here is a political stunt which will waste taxpayers' money and achieve nothing.
"Last week the Coalition argued that the Government shouldn't be allowed to spend taxpayers' money on spruiking a carbon tax because it didn't yet exist, so how can we have a plebiscite on a policy that hasn't even been finalised?"  
Even if the motion had passed in the senate however, it's unlike it would've gotten to the House of Representatives as Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott had refused to back it. Though I'm sure Mr. Abbott knew it was more than a long shot all along, rather just wanting more media attention and further conflict on the matter...

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