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Monday, 27 June 2011

Atheists, mark 'no religion' in upcoming census!

With the upcoming census on August the 8th of this year, it's incredibly important for atheists to mark 'no religion' on the form. Here's why!

The Atheist Foundation of Australia today erected billboards in nearly all Australian capital cities highlighting the ‘Mark No religion’ on the Census Campaign. 

The President of the AFA, David Nicholls, said he hoped the signs
would help the public at large to think about how they fill out the
Australian Census this coming August on the question concerning
religious affiliation.

“The question on religion asking ‘What is the person’s
religion?’ is a leading one,” he said, “and it could sway people
to mark their religion of baptism or early youth and not their present
stance, which may be devoid of any faith.

“This can cause a distortion of Census statistics whereby religious
people appear to be more numerous in society than they really are.
Public policy can and does reflect these figures, which
disenfranchises many groups in the community and unfairly favours
religion,” said Nicholls.

Only 7% of Australians regularly attend a church yet laws on
voluntary euthanasia, equality for lesbians and gays, abortion,
chaplaincy, effective sex education, religious indoctrination in state
schools, stem cell research and other areas are continually interfered
with by some politicians following Christian dogma rather than
empirical evidence.

People who are more interested in the contents of their pockets might
like to reflect on the untaxed $30 billion annually that goes to
religion. Only a small unaccounted for percentage is used for charity.
Every Australian is financially propping up religion to a massive

“It is very important that people be honest with their answer to
the question on religion in the Census,” said Nicholls, adding,
“No one has ever gone to hell for being honest.”

Signs appear at the following locations.

75 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Pennant Hills Rd, West Pennant.
Gladesville, Victoria Road, NSW

Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead
1015 Fairfield Rd, Yeerongpilly 

509 Charles Street, North Perth

Western Hwy (Ballarat Rd), Ardeer
2 North Rd (Overpass), Huntingdale

280 – 290 Hindley St, Adelaide

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