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Sunday, 26 June 2011

House sized asteroid passes close by Earth tonight!

A house sized asteroid named 2011 MD that was only found a few days ago on June 22 by a pair of robotic telescopes named LINEAR in New Mexico. These telescopes scan the skies in order to discover asteroids heading towards Earth, and are obviously doing their job as this asteroid will swing past tonight, July 27th, though you'll need a telescope to see it unfortunately.

The asteroid posses effectively no threat to the planet itself or its earthlings as it's estimated to only be between 9-45m wide. It will be passing by incredibly closely at ~12000kms away, which is about 23 times closer to the Earth than the Moon is situated. However, it's reportedly traveling incredibly slow relative to Earth, approaching us at only about 1m/s. So even if it were on a direct impact with Earth it would more than likely break apart in the the atmosphere in a brilliantly massive fire ball with only a few small meteorites hitting the planet's surface.

Trajectory of 2011MD

For further information about the asteroid and its path hit up JPL's Solar System Dynamics website.

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