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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ugandan anti-gay bill, homosexuals may see life in prison or the death penalty

Ugandan anti-gay protestors
Today, the 11th of March will see a new bill to be voted on in Uganda, where homosexuality is already against the law, that if passed would put all homosexuals in jail for life for their 'crimes' of passion, or worse, repeat offenders would face the death penalty.

I think I first heard of the goings-on in Uganda with respect to their religious based anti-gay movement last year when similar legislation was being pushed to pass vote. However, it was withdrawn by their President, just before going to vote, for fear of losing precious aid dollars from the western world. Even though that was the case, there were numerous bashings and even murders, after a newspaper named and shamed 100 of Uganda's 'top homos'. 
Stopping the bill was insufficient to save the life of one Ugandan, David Kato, who was beaten to death with a hammer in January. Kato was Uganda’s most outspoken gay rights advocate and had received many death threats before he was killed. In the winter months before his death, one newspaper ran a front page photo of Kato with an anti-gay rant and a banner urging “Hang them.” (Article)
David Kato holding the newspaper
I'm as disgusted today, as I was last year, when I first caught wind of this seeing that the snake has raised its ugly head again no thanks to intolerant religious fundamentalism, spread to Uganda and further inflamed by American evangelical Christians. of the unfortunate consequences of Americans exporting biblical literalism to developing countries is that people in those countries take the Bible literally – including the parts we all, missionaries included, wish they wouldn’t. In Nigeria, American Pentecostalism has fused with local animism and resulted in children being beaten and burned as witches, just like the Bible prescribes.
The current anti-gay movement in Uganda is thanks in no small part, to evangelical Christian Scott Lively.

ABC Nightline: Preaching Hate in Uganda

I just cannot believe that people like Scott Lively exist, and it always pains me when they pop up in the media as a result of such terrible sectarian efforts at home or abroad.

Scott Lively
People are so often asking me why I want to see a world without religion, and why I would fight so passionately for one. This is why. As Steven Weinberg once said: 
With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
It would be absurd to argue that all of these people protesting for these anti-homosexuality laws to pass in Uganda are just evil people, as that's no doubt far from the truth even though they believe such terrible things. The fact of the matter is that the only reason the do believe such terrible things is because of religion, because they've been indoctrinated, brainwashed and shampooed and taught to be intolerant and hateful of those who don't conform with their particular religious dogma. It is irrefutable that without religion we wouldn't have such a massive movement of people towards wanting to instate laws that would see homosexuals in jail for life or even getting the death penalty. Yes we'd still have the odd homophobe in society, but we wouldn't have a united group of people wanting to exterminate homosexuality because people would have no 'divine' beliefs contrary to such personal practices.

If this vomit-worthy bill passes I think the western world should open their boarders to the homosexuals of Uganda, and any other nation that has been poisoned by western fundamental religious ideology. Give them a home here in Australia, as I'm sure the majority of us wouldn't mind a few extra homosexuals around to glamour up the place.

Vote against this bill here on this petition.

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