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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden, Most wanted man in the world, has been killed!

Finally, after almost a decade of chasing Osama Bin Laden America has been vindicated. He was killed in a gun fight after a small group of US soldiers tracked him down in a Pakistani town. The US have taken his body. Keep your eye on the news for more details my friends!

Game over...

It's also been reported that people are dancing and cheering in the streets in certain parts of the US, ironic considering that's what we seem to be appalled by when we see fundamentalist muslims doing the same following the death of Americans.

It may be interesting to see what happens in the future now with the "war on terror" and whether support from the public is going to dramatically drop off now that Bin Laden's been killed. Is it time to bring the troops home? I doubt it... At least for now al-Qaida has had its head severed. So here's hoping two heads don't grow back in the same place, and that al-Qaida fizzles out in the years to come.

News Articles:

A short news story by CBS NEWS on Osama Bin laden's history to date.

Edit: Just released speech on the matter by President Obama.

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