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Monday, 25 April 2011

Will & Kate - The movie.... Really???

Wow I can't believe they've actually made a movie about how Prince William and soon to be Princess Kate  met, and have lived for the past 10 years etc... The English are really milking the crap out of this nonsense wedding.

I know I won't be watching when it airs on Australian TV next week...

Furthermore, they aired a documentary that followed all the preparation of this wedding last night here in Australia.

"Get all the insider information on the event of the year on William and Kate: Inside the Royal Wedding, a documentary by Indigo Films airing this Sunday night on GMA News TV. 

It provides details about the food, the celebrity guests, and what Prince William and Kate Middleton are really like behind closed doors. Meet the school friends, the stylist, and the royal chefs who give you a glimpse into the wedding of the future King and Queen of England."

Wow... tantalizing, I think I would rather watch the same game of golf 5 times in a row than succumb to watching anything at all related to the drudgery of this wedding.

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