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Friday, 29 April 2011

'Optical Battery', a breakthrough in solar power generation

A friend Campbell was kind enough to show me this article on a new scientific discovery in the way of solar power generation. Scientists at the University of Michigan have found a way to harness the magnetic attributes in light in order to generate energy. 

The results of this research may have the potential to design solar panels without semi-conductors, which consist of a the majority of a solar cell's processing, eliminating it may see huge reductions in costs. 

Fisher notes that a solar cell using this new energy harvesting technique would only require lenses to focus the light and fiber to carry it. “Glass works for both,” said Fisher, ”it’s already made in bulk, and it doesn’t require as much processing. Transparent ceramics might be even better.” 

I've been waiting for solar panels to be integrated into windows on all forms of buildings. This sounds like it's a definite step, if not a sizable leap, in that direction! 

Read this article for more information. 


  1. Its nice.I know solar is very important in future.It has good benefits.As of now, solar power and solar related devices are expensive. But it may be reduced if most of the people start using it. Let us see the future of solar power.

  2. Yeah that's it! :D The more people who start using it, the less expensive it becomes.

  3. Great to see people embracing Solar Power systems

    Solar Power systems may seem like the new kid on the block but the reality is they have been around for over 70 years.
    There are solar panels in the Sahara Desert that have been running continually for 27 years in sandstorms and blazing heat, others that have been in space for over 50 years and going from -160 to +200 degrees C every 90 minutes!

  4. You must mean Fahrenheit not Celsius, there's nowhere on earth that gets to either of those temperatures hehe

  5. Well, ambient temperatures at least.

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